Order information

Main parts

Part numberDescriptionComment
442112Processor Unit, Windows™ 10, Winson 2019This unit must be installed with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
307668Transceiver Unit 230 VAC 
442453Operating PanelMk2, Ethernet connection
460729Operating PanelMk3, USB connection
329512Sonar connection cable, 100 metres 

Complete packages

Part numberDescriptionComment
SX92Complete sonar with 1.2 m transducer depthDoes not include display monitor.
SX93Complete sonar with 1.6 m transducer depthDoes not include display monitor.
SX95Complete sonar with 1.0 m transducer depthDoes not include display monitor.

Hull Units

Part numberDescriptionComment
307476SX92 Hull Unit, 1.2 m transducer depth 
307478SX93 Hull Unit, 1.6 m transducer depth 
316874SX95 Hull Unit, 1.0 m transducer depth 
SP9-207516Installation trunk for SX92 and SX93 Hull Units 
SQ4-042508Installation trunk for SX95 Hull Unit 


Part numberDescriptionComment
314506Extended range to 10,000 metresExport license is required for some countries
439716Adapter plate for Operating Panel Mk2Used to upgrade from Mk1 to Mk2
-TU40 Trigger Unit 
-Motion Reference Unit 

Upgrade packages

Part numberDescriptionComment
SX-SUUpgrade SX90 to SU90 
SX-STUpgrade SX90 to ST90