Simrad SX90

Installation drawings

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Bridge units

Operating Panel Mk1 204688
Operating Panel Mk2 443179
Operating Panel Mk2 (Cutout) 440689
Operating Panel Mk2 (Adapter) 443179
Display Isic MD24 354259
Display Isic MD27 354260
VESA Desktop stand 423617
Processor Unit (Enix) 385609

Sonar room units

Transceiver Unit 328873
SX92 Hull Unit 280328
SX93 Hull Unit 280324
SX95 Hull Unit 318900

Installation trunks and flanges

SX92/SX93 Installation trunk (ø760, 24 holes) 207481
SX92/SX93 Blind flange (ø760, 24 holes) 207485
SX95 Installation trunk (ø580, 16 holes) 322202
SX95 Installation trunk (ø580, 16 holes) 113361
SX95 Blind flange (ø580, 16 holes) 113362

Gate valve DN500

Mounting flange 082973
Installation, Manual type 083045

Transducer dock

SX92/93 Transducer dock 390410

Simrad SX90

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Simrad SX90