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Simrad SX90

Installation drawings

All documents are in PDF format, page size A4. PDF* indicates a low resolution version of the document to increase download speed. PDF (A4) and PDF (US) reflect the physical page size of the document, A4 or US Letter. Other formats are available as indicated in the list. CHM and DWG formats must be downloaded to local hard drive before you can open them. The EPUB format is provided for portable devices, and will require a dedicated add-on in your browser.


Bridge units

204688 Operating Panel Mk1, Outline dimensions   

443179 Operating Panel Mk2, Outline dimensions     

440689 Operating Panel Mk2, Cut-out dimensions     

439594 Operating Panel Mk2, Adapter plate     

354259 Display Isic MD24, Outline dimensions   

354260 Display Isic MD27, Outline dimensions   

385609 Processor Unit (Enix), Outline dimensions   

Sonar room units

328873 Transceiver Unit (with heat exchanger), Outline dimensions   

Hull Units

280328 SX92 Hull Unit, Outline dimensions   

280324 SX93 Hull Unit, Outline dimensions   

318900 SX95 Hull Unit, Outline dimensions   

SX92/SX93 Installation trunk and blind cover

207481 SX92/SX93 Installation trunk, Outline dimensions, ø760, 24 holes   

207485 Blind cover for trunk, ø760, 24 holes   

SX95 Installation trunk and blind cover

322202 Installation trunk, Outline dimensions, ø580, 16 holes   

113361 SX95 Installation trunk, Outline dimensions, ø580, 16 holes   

113362 Blind cover for trunk, ø580, 16 holes   

Simrad SX90

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