Order information

Main parts

Part numberDescriptionComment
382908Processor Unit, Windows™ 10, Winson 2019This unit must be installed with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
383022Transceiver Unit 230 VAC 
442453Operating PanelMk2, Ethernet connection
460729Operating PanelMk3, USB connection
329512Sonar connection cable, 100 metres 

Complete packages

Part numberDescriptionComment
SN90Complete sonar with 15 m cable and transducer plugDoes not include display monitor.
SN93Complete sonar with 25 m without transducer plugDoes not include display monitor.
SN92HPXComplete sonar with hull unit and transducer with two PX hydrophonesDoes not include display monitor.

Hull Units

Part numberDescriptionComment
450159SN92H Hull Unit, 1.2 m transducer depthTransducer with 2 PX hydrophones
424184SN92H Hull Unit, 1.2 m transducer depthStandard transducer
422195HU93 Hull Unit, 1,6 m transducer depthWithout transducer
423246HU92 Hull Unit, 1,2 m transducer depthWithout transducer
376655Installation trunk for SU92 and SU93 Hull Units 
391397Trunk extension adapterSU to ST / SX to SU


Part numberDescriptionComment
382806SN90 Transducer with 15 m cable 
382811SN91 Transducer with 25 m cable 
382816SN92 Transducer with 15 m cableFor use with sealing plate
382817SN93 Transducer with 25 m cableFor use with sealing plate
382838Sealing plate 
381849Mounting kit for transducer 


Part numberDescriptionComment
482789Ice window for transducer protection 
KIT-203477Scientific output 
439716Adapter plate for Operating Panel Mk2Used to upgrade from Mk1 to Mk2
-TU40 Trigger Unit 
-Motion Reference Unit