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Simrad SC90

Installation documents

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Bridge units

204688 Operating Panel, Outline dimensions   

354259 Display Isic MD24, Outline dimensions   

354260 Display Isic MD27, Outline dimensions   

423617 VESA Desktop stand, Outline dimensions   

385609 Processor Unit (Enix), Outline dimensions   

Sonar room units

422321 Power Supply Unit, Outline dimensions   

422358 Transceiver Unit, Outline dimensions   

SC90 Hull Unit

413125 SC90 Hull Unit, Outline dimensions   

SC94 Hull Unit

426919 SC94 Hull Unit dimensions   

430654 SC94 Hull Unit on DN350 gate valve   

426920 SC94 Hull Unit on DN500 Gate valve   

Installation trunks and blind cover

402509 SC90 Installation trunk   

427423 SC94 Installation trunk (ø760) with flange   

427176 SC94 Installation trunk (ø760)   

434529 SC94 Installation trunk (ø356) with flange   

434524 SC94 Installation trunk (ø356)   

402517 Trunk extension for SH90 conversion   

051344 Blind cover for trunk   

Transducer docks for use with gate valves

403038 SC90 Transducer dock for DN350   

430192 SC94 Transducer dock for DN350   

427177 SC94 Transducer dock for DN500   

Mounting flanges for use with gate valves

044140 Mounting flange for DN350   

082973 Mounting flange for DN500   

DN350 Gate valve

214043 DN350 Installation, Manual type   

DN500 Gate valve

083045 DN500 Installation, Manual type   

Simrad SC90

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