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Wide Band Transceiver - Order information

EK80 WBT system is typically used on vessel where space and power is sufficient. EK80 is a modular system where you can combine some or all fo the below into a wideband system.

EK80 System with WBT's

Part numberDescriptionComment
395236 EK80 Processor Unit with EK80 Software  
352527 Ethernet switch  
402244 EK80 WBT Rack for wideband system incl. Ethernet switch  
421502 Display 24" LCD MD24  
354265 Bracket for MD22, MD24, MD27, Celing, Desk  

EK80 Split-beam licenses for Wideband Transceivers (WBTs)

Part numberDescriptionComment
402578 Complete WBT split-beam transceiver for frequency band 10 kHz to 30 kHz including software license  
402579 Complete WBT split-beam transceiver for frequency band 25 kHz to 50 kHz incl. software license  
402580 Complete WBT split-beam transceiver for frequency band 45 kHz to 90 kHz incl. software license  
402581 Complete WBT split-beam transceiver for frequency band 85 kHz to 170 kHz incl. software license  
402582Complete WBT split-beam transceiver for frequency band 150 kHz to 300 kHz incl. software license  
402583 Complete WBT split-beam transceiver for frequency band 250 kHz to 500 kHz incl. software license  

Available frequency bands for extended bandwidth

Part numberDescriptionComment
402572License for bandwidth 10-30 kHz 
402573License for bandwidth 25-50 kHz-
402574License for bandwidth 45-90 kHz-
402575License for bandwidth 85-170 kHz 
40276License for bandwidth 150-300 kHz 
402577 License for bandwidth 250-500 kHz  

Typical transducers

Part numberDescriptionComment
KSV-089510 12-16/60 single-beam Transducer  
KSV-088694 ES18-11 Transducer  
321842 ES38-7 Transducer  
KSV-203678 ES70-7C Transducer  
KSV-204580 ES120-7C Transducer  
KSV-203003 ES200-7C Transducer  
322598 ES333-7C Split-beam Transducer  

Mounting material

Part numberDescriptionComment
499-088814 Mounting flange for ES18-11  
KSV-074531 Mounting flange for ES38-7  
ES7-203679 Clanping ring assembly for ES70-7C  
ES7-203680 Mounting ring for ES70-7C  
ES1-203672 Clamping ring assembly for ES120-7C  
ES1-204719 Mounting ring for ES120-7C  
ES2-200879 Clamping ring assembly for ES200-7C and ES333-7C  
ES2-204464 Mounting ring for ES200-7C and ES333-7C  

Extended bandwidth for existing WBT split-beam licenses is available on request.

Simrad EK80